Wise Owl Private School offers wonderful educational programs for young children. We take care to teach, nurture, and respect our students, leading them on countless learning adventures. When you join Wise Owl Private School, you not only join a school, you join a family. We wish to provide you with our policies and guidelines so that you may be fully aware of our commitment to you, and so that you are aware of your responsibilities as a member of our school.

Wise Owl Private School offers preschool programs for students aged two to four years old. Students can enroll throughout the year for our full time program. The preschool program continues until the student is of the age to enter Junior Kindergarten. It is designed to acclimate students for future learning from Kindergarten all the way to Middle School. 

Wise Owl Private School students are offered a well rounded academic program. French classes are incorporated into the program for students as young as two years old. Theme based History, Geography, Science and Art classes increase student interest as well as their understanding of core topics. Physical Education and Music provide an important element to the enjoyment and relevance of their education. Students enjoy outdoor play in a school playground as well as nearby park.

Junior Kindergarten

Young children learn best through activities that are relevant to their lives and varied enough to be challenging and engaging. At Wise Owl Private School, Junior Kindergarten students are taught language and vocabulary development in English and French. 

In the areas of Math and Science, we focus on cognitive development through problem-solving as well as promoting an understanding of how nature and science interact with our daily lives. They develop skills in Number Sense (counting in different ways, exploring how many, investigating numbers); Measurement (ordering, comparing and measuring objects); Geometry (building and talking about shapes); Data Management and Probability (sorting, classifying and comparing information on graphs). 

Students also develop their creativity and imagination with our Ballet and Art classes. Children can learn about themselves through various art forms, develop problem-solving skills when exploring different materials, and express their ideas and thinking

Senior Kindergarten

Senior Kindergarten is an important phase for children, as they are being prepared for the transition to first grade. They will continue to expand on topics that they learn in Junior Kindergarten, as well as explore new educational frontiers. 

Math and Science continue to challenge children with problem-solving exercises and learning to connect their previous experiences with the subjects to specific exercises and challenges. What they’ve learned from the natural world will become associated with more abstract classroom ideas, such as worksheets and question periods. 

In the realm of art, students continue to expand their knowledge with more complex terms and challenges to their visual and physical coordination. They learn about specific methods of creating art, and freeform periods are joined by more focussed efforts.


The elementary program is an enriched program based on the current Ontario Curriculum. Wise Owl Private School offers a well rounded academic program with focus on the Curriculum, but also gives students the opportunity to explore their creativity, interests and originality. Students are given the attention they require, with small class sizes and individual care, to achieve success in their academic endeavors. 

The elementary program gives students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Students are given the opportunity to work independently and in collaborative groups. They develop their leadership skills, etiquette and good manners. Homework is also provided to consolidate learning and give them the learning skills that will serve them well in their academic careers. 

We also incorporate regular physical activity into the school day to give student opportunities to develop strength, co-ordination and healthy routines. Various programs are available to them, to continue their exposure to the arts. A ballet program teaches them grace, elegance and synchronization, while a visual arts program hones their visual coordination. Drama offers students the opportunity to be creators and to comment on and contribute to each other’s work. These arts programs offer students the ability to express their emotional intelligence in concert with the skills and knowledge they learn throughout the year.


In addition to the regular school year program, Wise Owl Private School offers camp during the months of July and August. The program offers theme based weeks, with learning combined with fun summertime activities. 

Students continue to learn through educational programming that expands on what they’ve touched on throughout the year, but also incorporated in the summer program are weekly trips, water play days, outdoor activities, arts and special celebration days. For those students who will be entering Grade 1 in September, special preparation for elementary school is provided to allow for a successful transition into the elementary program.

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