Wise Owl Private School offers wonderful educational programs for young children. We take care to teach, nurture, and respect our students, leading them on countless learning adventures. When you join Wise Owl Private School, you not only join a school, but you also join a family. We wish to provide you with our policies and guidelines so that you may be fully aware of our commitment to you, and so that you are aware of your responsibilities as a member of our school.

Payment Policy

Registration into our program provides you with the comfort that Wise Owl Private School is committed to your child. The process begins with the completion of the Enrollment Form. This form is crucial in providing us with information about your child to allow us to familiarize our staff with the significant and unique details (strengths, allergies, likes, dislikes etc.) about your child. The Enrollment Form is submitted with a copy of the child’s birth certificate and immunization records. 

Wise Owl Private School will introduce you and your child to a full and complete orientation program. We carefully introduce your child to the other students, our staff, our facilities, the neighborhood, and our program. Your child’s confidence and comfort are our focus during this orientation stage. A one-time and non-refundable $200.00 registration fee is charged at the time of registration. A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required with the registration form; this deposited amount will be applied to the first month’s tuition fees. This deposit guarantees that your child will start on the day agreed by you and the school. 

If the registration is cancelled for any reason, the deposit will not be returned, nor will the registration fee. Payment for the first month and for the last month’s tuition is required with the registration documents. Monthly post-dated tuition cheques are required for the remaining program period and are to be submitted with the registration documents as well. An annual non-refundable school supply fee of $400 must also be paid.

Cancellation, Vacation, and Absences Policies

Wise Owl Private School welcomes your decision to enroll your child. When your child registers with us we commit ourselves fully and allocate one of our seats for the agreed upon time you have chosen for your child to participate with us in the program. We will never jeopardize or compromise your child’s registration with us. We recognize that unforeseen and unplanned absences may happen, and our policy has been developed to recognize both our commitment to you and your commitment to our program. 


 Regular attendance at Wise Owl Private School is very important for the child to become comfortable with a regular and consistent schedule as well as curriculum coverage. Each child should arrive on time to enable their school day to begin effectively. Respect for others begins with punctuality and enthusiasm. If your child cannot attend Wise Owl, please notify the school of the absence by phone or email. Please inform Wise Owl of any planned absences as early as possible. 


If a child cancels their registration before attending Wise Owl Private School, they will not be refunded the $200 registration fee, nor the $500 deposit. If a child cancels their registration after attending Wise Owl Private School, they will be refunded only their last month’s tuition. Wise Owl Private School requires 60 days (2 months) written notice prior to a child withdrawing from the program. If this notice is not given the child will be responsible for the following month’s charges, and there will be no refund for the last month’s payment. 

For instance, if the child will no longer attend Wise Owl Private School effective March 31st, and written notice is received 60 days before withdrawal (February 1st), March will turn into your last month, and the payment you made for the last month would be applied to March. If the child will no longer attend Wise Owl Private School effective March 31st, but written notice is not received by the school 60 days before withdrawal, the child will be responsible for the following month’s charges (March), and there will be no refund for the last month’s payment.

Personal Items Policy

Wise Owl Private School has many toys and activities to engage your child. As such, and because of safety, sanitary, and control issues, children are not allowed to bring toys from home to Wise Owl Private School. 

Outside toys will be confiscated and returned to parents at the end of the day the first time, and at the end of the week if it reoccurs. 

Please label all these personal mandatory items: pillows and linens, water bottles, indoor shoes, and extra clothes. Apart from books or toys requested by staff for Show and Tell, no other items from outside Wise Owl Private School will be allowed in the facility.

Anti-discrimination Policy

Please follow this link to review the Wise Owl Private School anti-discrimination policy http://tiny.cc/fw6ksz

Nap Policy

Nap Time is from 1:00pm-3:00pm for all Preschool and Junior Kindergarten-aged students who attend Wise Owl Private School. Nap Time is always supervised by a staff member and takes place in the Nap Room, on cots or mats. Parents or Guardians are expected to supply sheets and a pillow for their child’s naptime. Linens will be sent home every week for laundering. Please label all linens, pillows, and all other personal belongings that are brought to school.

Food and Water-bottles Policy

Wise Owl Private School is a catered facility. We provide a morning and afternoon snack, and a hot lunch, and milk is served with each meal. We request that no food, candies, or gum be brought from home to school. Please bear in mind that we promote a highly healthy and balanced diet here at school, if your child is bringing food from home, we request that you follow the same healthy eating ethos. Unauthorized foods will be confiscated. Please notify the school if your child requires food from home to supplement a specific dietary need that we cannot meet. Please talk to a staff member about providing treats for birthday celebrations as we have children with allergies. Each Wise Owl student must have and be responsible for their own water-bottle. Please label your child’s water-bottle as it is kept on the water-bottle table. Water bottles which are not labelled with a name will be discarded weekly.

Wise Owl Private School Uniform Policy

By choosing to attend Wise Owl Private School, students and their parents have made a long-term commitment to child development. In making this decision, parents and students accept the uniform as an integral part of the Wise Owl community life. We believe wearing a uniform can be less distracting to children than their own clothes. Uniform Components
• Navy Fleece Cardigan (with the school’s Logo)
• Grey or Navy Pants
• White Dress Shirt (long and short sleeve)
• Polo shirt (white or blue)
• Navy vest

Summer program

• T-shirt (with logo)
• Navy Tunic (with the school’s logo)
• Navy Skirt
• Children are also permitted to wear their own tops under the vest or tunic as long as these pieces are light blue or white. 

Non-Acceptable Pieces

• Jeans
• Sweaters or shirts that are not navy, light blue, or white

Other Notes

• Fridays are casual days and students are permitted to wear non uniform clothing
• Uniforms are not required during the summer program with the exception of the Wise Owl Summer Camp T-shirt and Hat worn on field trips and outings
• Each child must keep a bag with extra socks, a shirt, pants, and underwear in their cubby
• All clothing items must be clearly labeled with the child’s name
• Indoor shoes must be worn at all times while inside Wise Owl Private School.

Ordering Uniform

We are proud to have A.L. Togs as our uniform supplier. You can make an appointment at altogs@gmail.com or (647) 764-8647 and a representative will be happy to meet you at Wise Owl Private School.

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