At Wise Owl, our top priority is the needs of parents and their children who have chosen and registered in our programs and services. With that being said, everything we do is done in the highest quality possible. We are responsible and committed to the success of each students registered at our school.

Moreover, we are extremely proud of our own Wise Owl Curriculum, which is a combination of the Ontario Curriculum and enriched, stimulating and educational activities to ensure your child receives the best quality of learning. Through these interesting and educational activities, we not only ensure that all students meet or exceed the government’s expectations in the following subjects: English, Math, Science & Technology and Social Studies, but also focus on the physical and emotional development (i.e., gaining confidence, problem-solving skills, self-regulation, fine/gross motor development, following instructions, development of imagination) of each individual child.

The staff of Wise Owl are qualified, experienced and dedicated educators, who are trained and carefully screened prior to being hired. It is our promise to you that your child will receive professional, personal attention from these dedicated, caring teachers.

Furthermore, Wise Owl Private School is a safe and secure facility. The premises are inspected and approved by the local government agencies and fire department, organized and equipped to create a loving environment for learning, new discoveries, group interaction and physical activity. Lastly, we are happy to provide your child with balanced and nutritious meals. Little Owl Private School has consulted with experienced dieticians in choosing snacks that are nutritious, balanced and tasty. Our lunches are being provided by Boaden.

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