The meticulously crafted High School curriculum is designed to surpass the stringent expectations set by the Ministry of Education. Our commitment to academic excellence spans subjects such as English, English as a Second Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, and the Arts. However, our educational philosophy extends beyond knowledge dissemination; it aims to ignite creativity, allowing students to explore and express their unique perspectives. The curriculum serves as a canvas for their innermost thoughts, shaping well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of the modern world.

In addition to academic prowess, our curriculum focuses on holistic development. We guide students toward self-discovery, emphasizing qualities beyond the classroom to mold individuals who are academically proficient, balanced, resilient, and inclusive. Emotional support is integral, fostering a sense of responsibility towards oneself and the world. As students progress, they are encouraged to become passionate, respectful global citizens, instilling social responsibility and cultural awareness. Our dynamic curriculum equips students with the skills to navigate the evolving global landscape, shaping individuals capable of meaningful contributions to society.

Grade 9 and 10

Grade 9 Courses

MTH1W (Mathematics,

SNC1W (Science, De-streamed)

CGC1D (Issues in Canadian Geography)

ESLBO (English as Second Language)

ALC10 (Visual Art)

PPL10 (Physical Education)

Grade 10 Courses

MPM2D (Principles of Mathematics)

SNC2D (Science)

CHC2D (Canadian History since WWI)

ESLBO (English as Second Language)

ALC10 (Visual Art)

PPL20 (Physical Education)

Grade 11 and 12

Grade 11 Courses

MCR3U (Functions)

SCH3U (Chemistry, University Prep)

CHW3M (World History, University/College Prep

HSP3U (Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology)

ESLCO (English as Second Language, Level 3)

AMU3M (Music)

PPL30 (Physical Education)

Grade 12 Courses

MHF4U (Advanced Function, University Prep)

SCH4U (Chemistry, University prep)

SPH4U (Physics, University Prep)

ENG4U (English, University Prep)

ESLDO (English as Second Language, Level 4)

AMU4M (Music)

PPL40 (Physical Education)

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