Welcome to Wise Owl, where our preschool program is committed to fostering cognitive development, social skills, and creativity in young minds. Through dynamic hands-on activities, we lay the foundation for future academic success. In Junior Kindergarten, we cultivate curiosity with engaging experiences inside and outside the classroom, focusing on Math and Science to build a comprehensive cognitive foundation.

In Junior Kindergarten, we extend beyond academic pursuits, fostering the daily expression of individual personalities and creativity. This approach aims to nurture self-understanding and articulate communication skills. Moving into Senior Kindergarten marks a pivotal transition, where we emphasize fostering creativity and the practical application of knowledge. This phase further refines mathematical and scientific skills, contributing to a well-rounded educational journey.

Our art program in Senior Kindergarten introduces advanced terms, enhancing visual and physical coordination through interactive hands-on activities. At Wise Owl, we are dedicated to providing a holistic educational experience that prepares students academically and instills a lifelong passion for learning. Join us for this exciting journey of discovery and growth for your child.

Junior Kindergarten

Wise Owl’s Junior Kindergarten program prioritizes comprehensive development beyond academics, fostering an environment where young minds absorb knowledge and actively express their personalities and creativity. Our thoughtfully designed program offers a dynamic, enriching experience, extending beyond traditional classrooms. Through interactive activities and hands-on projects, we aim to instill a genuine love for learning, cultivating well- rounded individuals excelling academically, creatively, and socially.

Senior Kindergarten

Transitioning to Senior Kindergarten at Wise Owl is a pivotal stage, placing a strong emphasis on nurturing creativity and the practical application of knowledge. This phase not only refines mathematical and scientific skills but also enhances students’ language arts proficiency, contributing to a comprehensive and well-rounded educational journey.

In Mathematics, students delve into advanced concepts, honing problem- solving skills and exploring complex numerical relationships.

Scientific exploration becomes more intricate, fostering an understanding of the natural world through hands-on experiments and observations.

Language arts activities focus on expanding vocabulary, refining reading comprehension, and fostering expressive communication skills.

Additionally, our art program introduces sophisticated terms and techniques, promoting visual and physical coordination through engaging, interactive projects.

At Wise Owl, our dedicated approach ensures a holistic educational experience that not only academically prepares students but also instills a lifelong passion for learning.


Wise owl offers preschool programs for students 3 to 4 years of age. The preschool program is designed to ensure students develop the necessary skills to succeed in Junior and Senior Kindergarten, through providing them with enriching, educational, engaging activities.

Junior Kindergarten

Younger kids learn best through engaging, interesting, educational hands-on activities. At Wise Owl, the Junior Kindergarten curriculum is designed to challenge the students to think outside the box within and outside the classroom, put on their thinking caps by taking what they learned in class and connect them with real life situations. 

In areas of Math and Science, we focus on cognitive development through problem-solving and promoting an understanding of how nature and science interact with our daily lives. In Junior Kindergarten, students develop skills in Number Sense (i.e., counting in different ways, exploring how many objects there are, etc.), Measurement (i.e. (ordering, comparing and measuring objects); Geometry (building and talking about shapes), Data Management and Probability (i.e. sorting, classifying and comparing information on graphs).

In addition, students not only could channel their personalities and creativity through daily activities, but also develop the understanding of self, problem-solving skills and the ability to express their ideas and thoughts. 

Senior Kindergarten

Senior Kindergarten is such an important phase for children as they are preparing to transition to Grade 1 in the upcoming school year. Students will continue to expand on topics that are being covered in Junior Kindergarten as well as explore new educational frontiers. 

The Senior Kindergarten curriculum is designed in a way to encourage students to get out of their comfort zone, to challenge them to be creative and think outside the box, whether it’s within the classroom or outside, and apply what they learned in class to their daily lives.

In the areas of Math and Science, students continue to develop their problem-solving skills and to challenge themselves to connect their previous experiences with the topics covered in class.

Lastly, in the realm of art, students continue to expand their knowledge on more complex terms and to develop better visual and physical coordination. Through interactive hands-on activities, students could explore various materials and methods used in creating art pieces.

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