At Wise Owl, we believe that healthy learning begins with a healthy child. Catering for our daily lunch program is provided by Boaden Organic. Every week, there is a new international style of cuisine, always organically sourced, and full of the vitamins and nutrients that a growing child needs.

Catering Service

Organic Kids Catering is Canada’s only children’s catering company that is dedicated to providing and delivering the most healthy and nutritious cooked meals with Organic and Local items. Our customers include various childcare centres, schools and educational centres. We provide them with the most comprehensive and most diverse menu based on home cooking using only quality ingredients that are available. 

Organic Kids Catering provides the most organic items compared to other children’s caterers. Items such as farm fresh vegetables, delicious fruits and our milk, which is always organic. 

Our foods are naturally trans fat free and we offer multiple menus based on Gluten free, Vegan, and Halal. Our menus are always nut and pork free as well. 

What makes Organic Kids Catering different than all other children’s food suppliers is that they are suppliers and we are not. We are a children’s catering company. We are a catering company that is founded on the principle of being fully transparent, that believes in honesty and integrity, and will never use misleading statements or words.


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